• Accounting Services in Malta 

    • Valletta Legal offers a multi-faceted and professional range of accounting services including company administration, tax compliance, management accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and banking support services. Our core operations focus on making things work for you; in the easiest and most reliable way possible. To this end we offer an encompassing range of in-house services in order to offer the highly responsive and accurate support required to drive your business forward.  

    • Accounting 

    • In order to truly deliver a thorough and seamless service to all of our clients, we strive to achieve and maintain quality performance throughout our company administration, payroll, management accountancy, bookkeeping, and tax compliance divisions. By doing so, we are able to offer you a professional and cost effective solution that’s backed by our team’s extensive local and international knowledge and expertise.  

    • Book-keeping and Company Administration 

    • Our corporate department offers bookkeeping services to a number of firms operating both locally as well as within the European Union.  These services range from simple bookkeeping, to invoicing and credit control, filling and submitting of VAT returns, as well as payroll services.

      Our team works closely with the client's Auditor in order to ensure that all the relevant financial statements and audited accounts are prepared in a timely and accurate manner.  We also assist the Auditor in the filing of tax returns, issuing payments of dividends, as well as compiling applications for tax refunds when applicable.

      We offer personalised and specialised bookkeeping services in line with your current needs, whilst taking into consideration details such as the volume of transactions in any financial year, or the number of companies that a client asks us to provide services to, in order to offer a sterling service whilst still maintaining a competitive edge. 

    • Payroll Services in Malta 

    • Do you often find that payroll operations are weighing your setup down? Let our accountants in Malta take care of it. Our team is able to provide a series of effective payroll solution that’s been tailor made for you and will allow you to manage your resources more efficiently.

      At Valletta Legal we provide an entire range of corporate and support services dedicated to companies registered in Malta. By leveraging on the use of advanced management and accounting software, we are able to deliver sterling services to both the local and international business  communities in a structured and efficient manner whilst maintaining our traditional competitive edge

      • Contact Person 

      • Maria Cassar

        20/1, Republic Street, 
        Valletta, VLT 1111, 
        T: +356 2122 8340 
         +356 2122 8360 
        E: accounts@vallettalegal.com