• Compliance in Malta 

  • The Malta Anti-Money Laundering Legislation 

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  • Whether you are running a business or a regulated activity, the Anti-Money Laundering legislation imposes a number of obligations upon you.

    For many businesses, both at a domestic as well as at a multi-national level, compliance with the increasing number of rules as well as the more rigorous enforcement by authorities prove to be an increasing challenge. As businesses undergo expansion into new markets, complying with all reporting requirements as well as managing tax risks increases significantly.

    For this reason, we believe in offering efficient and cost-effective tax compliance services at Valletta Legal, which include both outsourcing as well as co-sourcing options. Bringing together a host of integrated tax technologies, we are able to offer elevated levels of business visibility, which in turn may prove useful during your strategic planning process. 


  • Malta Compliance Officer 

  • Our team of dedicated professionals is able to assist you in understanding your obligations and help you by introducing all the necessary procedures required in order to comply with the law. In addition, our Compliance Office department steps in even before your company is granted an Investment Services License, providing a suite of advisory services related to any queries raised by the Authority during the review process.

    Once that’s been successfully handled, our post-licensing compliance team made up of accountants and lawyers amongst others are able to ensure that your company is operating in a compliant manner and that all related matters are being attended to. Our services include assisting in the compilation of regulatory returns, policy and procedure drafting, submitting compliance reports to the Board, advising on any matters related to investor protection, as well as handling any statutory obligations required to assist your business with its respective regulator.

    In addition, we are able to provide companies with a thorough range of business intelligence and due diligence services in order to safeguard your investments and empower you to make critical business decisions with confidence. Whether you’re interested in penetrating new markets, vetting third parties, evaluating investments, or satisfying legal requirements, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address your specific needs. Our unmatched investigative experience, international presence, and long-standing reputation for integrity and independence make us uniquely qualified to assist. 

  • Malta Due Diligence 

  • The scope of a due diligence review is always determined to the size and scale of your transaction as well as to its surrounding risks. Our due diligence services focus on these critical elements, which include:

    • Evaluation of the reasonableness and quality of past and projected earning and cash flow
    • Highlighting any any hidden costs, contingencies or commitments 
    • Identification and quantification of any liabilities that could be deal breakers
    • Identification and quantification of deal-specific and industry risks and opportunities
    • Identification and quantification of tax exposure
    • Identifying any issues that are likely to affect contract conditions or purchase price

    Our specialised practitioners are experienced in the fields of tax and accounting work closely with to our private equity and corporate clients, providing a host of value added services on a daily basis.