• Maritime and Shipping Laws in Malta 

    • Due to its strategic location at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has held a strong maritime tradition for centuries. Combinations of its skilled and entrepreneurial people and its natural harbours have, over the years, transformed it into a maritime service centre of excellence.

      In these modern ages, Malta has lived up to its historic reputation and has consistently been among the top ten for the largest fleets, in terms of tonnage. Maltese legislation, in matters relating to shipping, admiralty and maritime affairs, is continuously being updated in order to keep in line with required international standards and market needs.  

    • Your maritime and shipping lawyers in Malta 

    • Our team of lawyers at Valletta Legal provide all of our clients with any guidance and representation that they may require in this field of law, and further offer them assistance in matters of ship financing and cruise liner booking guarantees. The firm has played a pivotal role in the commercialisation of pleasure yacht financing facilities and has often provided commercial banks with legal advice on the matter. Moreover, the firm possesses expert knowledge in matters of ship finance, litigation, and admiralty law. 

      Valletta Legal regularly assist clients in connection with the registration of vessels under the flag of Malta, as well as with the registration of companies intended to own, manage or administer such vessels. In this regard, our services include but are not restricted to the following:

      1.  Assistance in the Classification of Ships & Dealings with Authorised Classification Societies
      2. Bareboat Charter Registration
      3. Bills of Lading
      4. Closure of the Registry of Ships
      5. Contracts for the International Sale of Commodities
      6. International Trade
      7. Legal Advice and Logistical Assistance in relation to Manning of Vessels
      8. Legal and Technical Assistance in relation to Yacht Financing Facilities
      9. Maritime Disputes
      10. Maritime Law Advice
      11. Permanent Residence Schemes
      12. Registration, Transfer and Discharge of Mortgages
      13. Sale of Ships and Yachts
      14. Ship and Yacht Registration
      15. Shipping Issues Advice
      16. VAT Implications in Yacht Leasing Solutions  
    • Ship Registration in Malta  

    • Valletta Legal is able to assist you throughout the entire cycle of a ship’s registration under the Malta flag. 

      Our legal team offers assistance and advice to clients interested I registering their vessels under the Malta flag. It is interesting to note that registrations may be undertaken on behalf of a corporate body, regardless of its nationality. 

      Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to offer a strategic consultancy role to individuals and corporations interested in registering their vessels under the Malta flag, as well as offering tax advice and corporate assistance.

      Together with our technical collaborators, our Maritime lawyers will guide you through the entire registration process, by collecting and compiling all relative documents and presenting them according to the compliance and regulatory requirements.

      Additionally, our Maritme Law team ensures that the registration procedure is in synch with advice on tax and corporate law in order to ensure the full efficiency of the agreement.