• IP Day – 26TH  April

    • Happy World IP Day!

      Each year, World IP Day is celebrated with the aim of increasing the understanding of intellectual property (IP) and the role that IP rights play in our society. IP rights are intangible assets that can be financially exploited as they can be sold or licensed. Intellectual property can be divided into the areas of trademarks, patents, copyright and designs.

      This year WIPO has shifted its focus on SMEs which make up around 90 percent of the world’s businesses. Each business comes up with an idea and each business can use IP rights to safeguard and create value from their business assets. However, unfortunately, many are unaware that they hold IP rights or their value resulting in many businesses missing out on opportunities to improve their economic growth.

      When a business is established, having a good knowledge of IP rights will help it to incorporate these intangible assets into their business strategy. Indeed, IP rights help a business to protect its innovative products and services, to distinguish its business from the others and to become more competitive due to the increased visibility on the market.

      We, at Valletta Legal, are able to assist SMEs in identifying their intellectual property needs, and offering them professional advice throughout the process of registering and managing their IP rights