• Credit Management and Debt Collection in Malta 

    • At Valletta Legal, we believe that many a time, debt may be recovered out court by combining bona fide mediation with tactful local intervention. Whenever this does not achieve the desired results, our team which is vastly experienced in litigation, and similarly in assisting clients with debt recovery, both locally and across jurisdictions is ready to hel you. We make extensive use of our purposely designed IT system to ensure that we recover our clients' debts effectively and efficiently, and enjoy a wealth of experience in debt collection of both small individual traders, as well as large organisations. 

    • Malta Debt Collection    

    • Our specialised department may also assist you with setting up effective credit management and credit control procedures, and with the drafting of your credit forms, thus increasing your prospects of recovering unpaid dues, in the event that legal action is necessary for their recovery. Our team has been offering legal consultancy to credit management organisations in Malta for several years.

      Once legal action becomes necessary, you will be advised on the various legal tools available for the recovery of debts in order to better assess and decide upon the best way forward.

      We are also able to assist you with the drawing up of Constitutions of Debt and Bills of Exchange.


    • Debt recovery in Malta  

    • By working closely with all of our clients, we are able to get to know their business better and in turn provide relevant advice. Over the years we have built sound levels of trust and confidence with all of our clients, which allows us to further optimise our operations. 

      Our experienced litigation team is able to guide you through the entire debt recovery process at both a local and international level. Our advisory services include:

      • Submitting a statement of claim
      • Responding to a defence
      • Pre-trial preparation
      • Trial preparation
      • Enforcing judgement
    • Credit Management in Malta  

    • For many small to medium sized businesses, cash flow is an on-going battle. At times, despite your best efforts, there is simply not enough funding to support your expenditures at the end of the month. 

      Our team of experienced professionals at Valletta Legal are able to assist you by implementing a strategy that ensures you are proactively managing all of your debts and avoiding any time consuming and expensive litigation processes.

      We also believe that the existence of a debt may be often genuinely disputed. Our services include:

      • Providing assistance in responding to a letter of demand
      • Defending court proceedings
      • Responding to demands for payment
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