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    Our Russian & CIS desk has been established in order to construct bridges between the Russia, other CIS States and Malta. In the recent years, Malta has concluded various bilateral agreements with the CIS countries. These agreements cover areas including double taxation, investments, trade, the advancement of education, culture and tourism. 

    One notable event happened in 2013, wherein Malta and Russia signed and ratified the Double Taxation Agreement. The conclusion of Double Taxation treaties is one of the key elements in the Maltese economic and financial policy. In 2017 Malta enjoyed a double taxation treaty network with over 64 States. Most of these agreements are based on the OECD Model.

    The main purpose of the Russian/CIS desk is to facilitate the contacts of Valletta Legal with our Russian speaking clients and help the Maltese entrepreneurs to enter the CIS market. Our lawyers and consultants at Valletta Legal are able to advise clients from CIS states in various matters, including but not limited to:

    We also hold relations a network of firms from CIS Countries. Our Russian Desk is composed of the Russian speaking consultants who may assist clients with their queries.

    Should you require more information abour our services in the field of Maritime&Shipping; as well as discover the advantages of the registration under the Maltese Flag, kindly the special page dedicated to this subject.